International Police and Public Safety 9/ll Medal


Hamburg Germany – September 11, 2012 

Secretary General Jay Grant of the InterPortPolice, speaking today at the World Port Security Summit where over 75 heads of seaport security have gather from all 5 continents announced the inaugural International Police and Public Safety 9/11 Medal recipients:

International Police and Public Safety 9/ll Medal

The presentation of the International Police and Public Safety 9/ll Medal honor the police officers that died in 9/ll. The Medals will be presented to the responding departments on behalf of the families the inaugural International Police and Public Safety 9/ll Medal.

The medals will be presented to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Police Department which lost 37 officers and the New York City Police Department which lost 23 officers.

The International Police and Public Safety 9/11 Medal program is being established to recognize heroism, distinguished and lifetime achievement to those who fight every day fighting terrorism and transnational crime. Recipients will be awarded the designation IPM (International Police Medal or International Public Safety Medal).  After the inaugural presentation, the 2012 recipients of law enforcement officers and public safety officials in 10 categories who have distinguished themselves in their field in fighting terrorism and transnational crime will be presented their medals. The ceremony will take place from 8 to 10 A.M at the Jacob Javits Conference Center in New York City.   After the ceremony there will be a reception and a keynote luncheon for attending law enforcement and public officials. There is no cost to attend for police and public offiicals, but registration is limited.  Register at

The selected recipients are:

9/ll Medal for Heroism – The 37 officers of the New York and New Jersey Port Police Department 23 officers of the New York City Police Department who died on 9/11


Supt. Ferdinand V. Morrone, 63

Chief James A. Romito, 51

Lt. Robert D. Cirri

Insp. Anthony P. Infante, Jr., 47

Capt. Kathy Nancy Mazza, 46

Sgt. Robert M. Kaulfers, 49

Donald James McIntyre, 38

Walter Arthur McNeil, 53

Joseph Michael Navas, 44

James Nelson, 40

Alfonse J. Niedermeyer, 40

James Wendell Parham, 32

Dominick A. Pezzulo, 36

Antonio J. Rodrigues, 35

Richard Rodriguez, 31

Bruce Albert Reynolds, 41

Christopher C. Amoroso, 29

Maurice V. Barry, 48

Clinton Davis, Sr., 38

Donald A. Foreman, 53

Gregg J. Froehner, 46

Uhuru Gonga Houston, 32

George G. Howard, 44

Thomas E. Gorman

Stephen Huczko, Jr., 44

Paul William Jurgens, 47

Liam Callahan, 44

Paul Laszczynski, 49

David Prudencio Lemagne, 27

John Joseph Lennon, Jr., 44

John Dennis Levi, 50

James Francis Lynch, 47

John P. Skala, 31

Walwyn W. Stuart, Jr., 28

Kenneth F. Tietjen, 31

Nathaniel Webb

Michael T. Wholey


Sgt. Timothy A. Roy, Sr., 36

Sgt. John Gerard Coughlin, 43

Sgt. Rodney C. Gillis, 33

Sgt. Michael S. Curtin, 45

Det. Joseph V. Vigiano, 34

Det. Claude Daniel Richards, 46

Moira Ann Smith, 38

Ramon Suarez, 45

Paul Talty, 40

Santos Valentin, Jr., 39

Walter E. Weaver, 30

Ronald Philip Kloepfer, 39

Thomas M. Langone, 39

James Patrick Leahy, 38

Brian Grady McDonnell, 38

John William Perry, 38

Glen Kerrin Pettit, 30

John D’Allara, 47

Vincent Danz, 38

Jerome M. P. Dominguez, 37

Stephen P. Driscoll, 38

Mark Joseph Ellis, 26

Robert Fazio, Jr., 41

2012 Recipients

9/11 Medal for Distinguished or Lifetime Achievement – Asst Chief Constable John Donlon, QPM (r) Metropolitan Police, London, United Kingdom; Director Joseph Lawless, Massport Authority, Boston US; and Supt. Henk Unnik (r) Rotterdam River Police, Netherlands.

9/ll Medal for Aviation – Commissioner Tony Negus APM, Australian Federal Police, Australia; Superintendent Michael Fedorko; Port Authority of New York and New Jersey,New York, US; and,Sargent Jacques Brunelle, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Ottawa, Canada.

9/ll Medal for Maritime – Vice Admiral Peter Neffenger, U.S. Coast Guard, Washington, D.C.,US; Christian Dupont – Deputy Head European Union Maritime Unit, Brussels, Belgium; and Connie Patrick, DHS – Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, George, US.

9/ll Medal for Transport – Chief Christopher Trucillo New Jersey Transit Police New Jersey, US; Chief Constable Andrew Trotter, British Transport Police, London, UK; and Chief Michael Coan, NYC Metropolitan Transit Police, New York City, US.

9/ll Medal for Counterterrorism – Commissioner Raymond Kelly, New York Police Department, New York, US.

9/ll Medal for Emergency Management – Director Craig Fugate, DHS – Federal Emergency Management Agency, Washington, D.C., US; Director Kevin Doyle, George Ports Authority, Savannah, Georgia, US.

9/ll Medal for Border Management – David V. Aguilar – Deputy Commissioner, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, DHs, Washington, D.C. US; Michael J. Borg, U.S.Customs and Border Protection, Washington, D.C. US; and Ikka  Laitinen, Executive Director, European Union, Frontex, Poland.

9/ll Medal for Science & Technology – David Masters, Department of Homeland Security, Science & Technology, Washington, D.C. US; and Deputy Commissioner V. James Onalfo, New York Police Department, New York, US.

9/11 Commendation

Additionally for implementation of the Aviation Watch Program a 9/ll Commendation is awarded to: Chicago Police Department – Aviation Department,Chicago, IL, US, Commander Thomas Albright; Bentonville Police Department,Bentonville, IL, Chief Frank Kosman; and Minneapolis St. Paul Airport Police, Chief Mark Rosenow.Minneapolis, MN, US


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