Videonetics Wins Outstanding New Security Product Award for its AI & DL Framework DeeperLook™ from OSPAs India


Videonetics DeeperLook™ has been named as Outstanding New Security Product of the year, at the Outstanding Security Performance Awards, India 2020 (OSPAs).

The Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs) recognise and reward companies and individuals across the security sector. The OSPAs are designed to be both independent and inclusive, providing an opportunity for outstanding performers, whether buyers or suppliers, to be recognised and their success to be celebrated.

In 2015, the first OSPAs were commenced in Norway. Today, they have editions in Germany, Australia, Romania, USA, UK, Ghana, and Nigeria. The OSPAs are being set-up in collaboration with security associations and groups across many countries. By researching and standardising the award categories and criteria, the OSPAs scheme provides an opportunity for countries to run their own evidence based OSPAs schemes while maintaining an ability to compete on an international level in the future, ‘World OSPAs’.

Videonetics AI & DL framework DeeperLook™ was highly voted by the judging panel comprising of renowned industry experts, veterans and technologists, after surpassing rigorous evaluations.

AI & DL framework DeeperLook™ and its based applications:

Videonetics DeeperLook™ is a distributed video and data analytics software framework which is deployable at cloud as well as in edge devices. It is a perfect fit for video IoT applications due to judicious distribution of computing load between edge and central computing resources. Based on proprietary AI & Deep Learning Technology stack, DeeperLook™ is agnostic to operating systems and cloud platforms, thus providing maximum flexibility to the users in choosing edge hardware, system software and data center/cloud infrastructure.

With DeeperLook™, series of video analytics applications can be deployed in a unified platform, therefore, empowers cross-functional operators and stakeholders by minimizing human intervention, providing greater situational awareness and hence eliminates biases in decision making.


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