The Bangladesh Army strengthens for another five years


In 2015, MASA signed its first contract with the Army Training and Doctrine Command (ARTDOC) of the Bangladesh Army to provide them with a complete and customizable training solution. Three years later, after successful delivery of the initial contract, ARTDOC has signed a new contract with MASA for the company to provide the Army with five years’ worth of training opportunities.

About three years after the initial contract had been signed, MASA has signed a new contract with the Bangladesh Army to provide ongoing complete maintenance of the customized version of SWORD to the Army War Game Center (AWGC) with software upgrades and support in exercises and training until 2023.

SWORD, MASA’s flagship product, is a complete wargame solution with automated forces used by armies to safely train command staff, widely deployed around the world. The AWGC chose SWORD for command post training from Battalion to Division level. The software enables the Army to immerse its training audience in different types of military and civil emergency scenarios. SWORD can simulate and control tens of thousands of soldiers and units.

Picked for its extensive customization opportunities, the simulation was adapted in less than a year to reflect specific requirements including the Army’s doctrine, equipment and supplies as well as its operational terrain. Now called the Army War Game Simulation System (AWGSS) by the ARTDOC, the software has been successfully used for two years for a great number of exercises including military and disaster relief training.

MASA has supported the AWGC during this time with maintenance and software upgrades, and also works closely with the AWGC to organize two major training exercises a year. These often take place over two weeks, with a week dedicated to preparation and planning, and then a week to conduct training, the exercise and a full debrief. In addition to these exercises, the AWGC carries out additional exercises over the year.

Brigadier General Md Tofayel Ahmed, psc, Director AWGC, said: “MASA has worked with the AWGC since its inauguration in 2015 and is committed to ensuring that the AWGSS is relevant to our needs at the time we are using it”.

“We have built a good relationship with MASA over the last three years, and the company really understands how we wish to use AWGSS to train our army, not just for military combat, for humanitarian and disaster relief missions too. The continual innovation and research into the product reassures us that it will still be relevant over the coming five years, and we look forward to seeing its potential in the years to come, and to an ongoing strong relationship with MASA”.

About MASA
MASA Group (“MASA”) is a global company focused on the development of Artificial Intelligence-based Modeling & Simulation (M&S) software for the Defense, Homeland Security, Emergency Management, Serious Games and Games markets. A trusted developer of cutting-edge AI technology for over fifteen years, MASA has founded its success on products that combine scalability, adaptability and low cost of ownership, with a strong standards-driven approach to technology. The MASA product range, including MASA SWORD, MASA SYNERGY and Direct AI, is uniquely designed to simplify and optimize the implementation of Artificial Intelligence capabilities for automating and driving simulated behaviors. Such capabilities allow developers and end-users in various sectors to focus their efforts on enabling a series of cost-efficient and highly realistic applications – such as command staff training, crisis management preparedness, exercise preparation, after-action review, doctrine & equipment analysis, and corporate training. MASA products are already in use by leading organizations worldwide, including DGA, DSTA, DSTG, NATO CMDR COE the French, Brazilian, New Zealand, Swiss, Bangladesh, and Colombian Armies – amongst other major armies around the world – and system integrators or solution providers such as Ruag, NSC, CAE, Krauss-Maffei-Wegmann, Saab Training and Simulation, Thales, XVR, and SYSTEMATIC.

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