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“From left Rebecca Nguyen, Anastasia Rae and Noushin Shabab.”

Anastasia Rae
General Manager of Kaspersky Lab ANZ

Global cybersecurity company, Kaspersky Lab, has appointed Anastasia Para Rae to the role of General Manager of Australia and New Zealand.

Prior to her new role as General Manager at Kaspersky Lab ANZ, Anastasia Para Rae was General Manager of Datacom and served in the company for almost 14 years in several roles including her recent role as Learning and Development Specialist.

Rae is known for a diverse background of sales, IT outsourcing and operations. She also has strong technical experience in IT Outsourcing, Critical Data Centre hosting and operations, Hybrid Cloud Solutions as well as Telecommunications, Physical Security and Environmental Management.

In her new role as General Manager of Kaspersky Lab Australia and New Zealand, Rae is responsible for strategic business plans for the region and building partnerships for growth in the enterprise arena. This recent May, together with founder Eugene Kaspersky, Rae made headlines in media and with the channel encouraging all business to take the next step in protecting business and end-users.

In just 6 months she has motivated and worked closely with our sales team funnelling new businesses and maintaining strong relationships with our existing stakeholders. This has resulted in tremendous growth in the B2B and B2C divisions. Her influence in the channel and media events has also put Rae on the map as a strong and healthy player in the vendor market.

She says, ““Organisations and businesses need to step up and manage risk on reputation and service guarantees. The average loss from a single targeted attack is close to $1,000,000 excluding reputational impact. In the event of cyberattack, a considerable investment is made for urgent response to improve software and infrastructure. The reverse needs to take place. We must not wait for attacks to happen for us to take precaution.”

The new addition to the Kaspersky Lab family enjoy shared success as well as individual accomplishments in sales, leadership and general business management…Click HERE to read full article.


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