Fortinet Recommended in NSS Labs Data Centre Security Gateway Test


FortiGate Data Centre Next-Generation Firewalls Offer the Industry’s Most Effective Combination of Security, Performance, and Value

Jon McGettigan, senior regional director Australia, NZ & South Pacific Islands, Fortinet

“The transition to the cloud and increasing use of cloud-based applications are driving core network speeds above 100 gigabits per second. Enterprises are adapting to these changes with more efficient, high-performance data centre architectures and consolidated security solutions such as firewalls and intrusion prevention that can handle the increased traffic. The new NSS Labs Data Centre Security Gateways group test demonstrates that Fortinet is leading the way for highly secure and ultra high-performance next-generation security for the data centre.”

News Summary

Fortinet has announced its results in the inaugural NSS Labs Data Centre Security Gateway group test report. The testing revealed that Fortinet’s FortiGate 7060E and 3000D Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) both earned NSS Labs’ coveted ‘Recommended’ rating.

  • The FortiGate 7060E and 3000D NGFWs both delivered the industry’s leading combination of Security Effectiveness and Value per protected Megabit Per Second (Mbps) in the NSS Labs Security Value Map (SVM).
  • The FortiGate 7060E demonstrated faster IPS throughput than the performance guaranteed in its data sheet.
  • NSS Labs’ new Data Centre Security Gateway report is the industry’s most comprehensive test of security effectiveness and network performance for data centre security appliances offered today and helps customers select the best solutions based on real-world results.

Leading Security at Data Centre Scale

The digital transformation is paving the way for 100 gigabit network architectures that require security solutions able to keep up with increasing volume of traffic and secure a mix of different traffic types such as IPv4 and IPv6. The persistent nature of attacks also means that today’s data centres require advanced threat prevention capabilities like intrusion prevention (IPS) that can be applied at line speeds.

Fortinet’s FortiGate NGFWs are designed to deliver the high throughput and security effectiveness required in today’s large scale data centres. The FortiGates utilise Fortinet security and network processors to deliver the high-performance security with single-digit application traffic latency for both IPv4 and increasing volumes of IPv6 traffic. Delivering NGFW throughputs from 30 Mbps up to more than 100 Gbps, Fortinet’s FortiGate NGFWs suit a wide range of data centre security use cases without disrupting network speed.

At the high end of the spectrum, the FortiGate 7060E NGFW is a powerful combination of advanced intrusion prevention (IPS), granular application control, and broad threat protection at multi-gigabit speeds.

  • Exploit Block Rate: 97.9%
  • Evasions Blocked: 100%
  • IPS Protected Throughput: IPv4 131,486 Mbps, IPv6 114,416 Mbps

Fortinet’s FortiGate 3000D NGFW is engineered to deliver the highest firewall performance in a compact appliance form-factor, with the flexibility to be deployed at the Internet or cloud edge, in the data centre core or internal segments.

  • Exploit Block Rate: 98%
  • Evasions Blocked: 100%
  • IPS Protected Throughput: IPv4 30,987 Mbps, IPv6 30,046 Mbps

Fortinet Delivers an NSS Recommended Security Fabric

Fortinet solutions consistently demonstrated superior security effectiveness, advanced features and superior performance when put to the test. Fortinet’s commitment to testing and validation has resulted in nine Fortinet solutions earning NSS Recommended ratings across seven different group tests throughout 2017:

Supporting Quote

Vikram Phatak, chief executive officer of NSS Labs

“NSS Labs is focused on empowering enterprises to make informed decisions based on independent real-world testing results. We applaud Fortinet’s commitment to third-party testing.  Fortinet’s Recommended rating in our 2017 DCSG Group Test makes them a great option for any business looking to strengthen their data centre security architecture.”

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