Editor’s Interview With Retired Head of Counter Terrorism for City of London Police


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What is your opinion on the current US Administration’s hard-line policy on immigration, and do you see this, potentially, exacerbating global tensions and raising the risk to Americans overseas?
The tensions will rise notably in different sectors. I think that the immediate signs of discontent will certainly play out where American interests are visible overseas and this does not necessarily mean just in countries where the Muslim faith is prominent. Increased targeting could include internationally based supply chains to US concerns as well as coalition providers. This policy plays into the negative narrative that Islamist groups transmit to more vulnerable groups and individuals that the West wishes to attack the Muslim faith.

Do you see risk perceptions, of the general public and for business, changing with the trending rise of populism and nationalism?
The perceptions have undoubtedly changed as a result of a number of regional decisions in the last couple of years. Brexit has been misinterpreted as a ‘green light’ to some right wing oriented individuals as a sign that their interpretation of nationalism is the right one. The media has reported an increase in right wing activism/politics as a result of the refugee crisis. These views are giving the impression to the wider public that markets are contracting back into their home states and an overall defensive posture is being adopted. This can be disconcerting to the wider pubic and creates uncertainty within the business and investment sectors…Click HERE to read full interview.


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