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ISIO – The International Security Industry Organization is on a mission to bridge criminology, security and risk with investigation to; uncover new crime and discover evolving copycat crime

Organized Crime (O.C) is far more active than organized terror (billions in USD$ of reasons). To consider the methodology of organized crime we use the analogy of a highly intelligent creature that uses cognitive skills, namely the octopus. Their brain may control all, but the tentacles make their own decisions of where and why to move. Suckers are tiny cups connected to the tentacles by doing constructive tasks and for gathering information, sensing the terrain and providing feedback back to the tentacles and the brain.

Some may believe that they are connected or captured by organized crime, however, they have no idea of how large and versatile the beast truly is. Where there is more than one person doing the deed then organized crime is in session.

The biggest nightmare of any practitioner is not knowing what is truly happening in their region of interest, as not all crime is reported for numerous reasons, e.g., blackmail, extortion, bullying which are some of the methods used by organized crime.

The majority of criminologists, security and risk practitioners and who’s job it is to know, have no idea of which gangs are in their country, city, neighbourhoods or region of interest. Furthermore, they are unaware that they or their staff are partners, supporters or victims of O.C…Click here to read full article.


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