Co-Creating The Workplace Of The Future


Chris-CubbageChris Cubbage, Executive Editor

Cisco is working with up to 600 partners and welcoming up to 6,000 delegates this week as it holds one of Australia’s largest technology and digital innovation conferences in Melbourne, Cisco Live! Discussing developments around technology digitalisation, business and industry has gone from ‘why’ to transform, to now ‘what’ do we transform and how do we go about it, said Ken Boal, Vice President, Cisco Systems Australia New Zealand. “We are now changing customer and workplace operations with the shift in the marketplace, across networks, platforms and security capabilities.”

Optus LogoAs Diamond Sponsors, Optus is seeking to consolidate a firm foundation built with Cisco. John Paitaridis, Managing Director of Optus Business said “The Cisco and Optus partnership has been building over 20 years. We have 1,000 Cisco certified personal and 3-5 certifications per Optus person across the Cisco architecture. Last year the two companies co-invested AU$12 million in innovation and building labs, product teams and capabilities, with key clients including the Australian Tax Office, Vicinity and ANZ Bank.
Referring to the IMG_41602Optus Smart Disruption Report, which surveyed 25 key business leaders, Mr Paitaridis highlighted a common theme was disruption, and that technology is not just an opportunity, but a challenge. It is pervasive, social, digital and is transforming the workplace. “We need to create enablement, customer engagement, productivity, efficiency and speed to market – be it enterprise or government”, said Mr Paitaridis…Click HERE to read full article.



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