A year into CISCO’S digital networking architecture ‘DNA’


Panel session with Anand Oswal, Senior VP Engineering (Enterprise Network) for Cisco Global, Dave West, VP Architectures for Cisco APJ, Jan Dethlefs, Associate Director, Facilities Service Standards, University of Melbourne and Chris Locke, CIO of Flight Centre.

The Cisco DNA is based on an evolved network infrastructure, with network fabrics, virtual functions and Application and data hosting. The enterprise controller manages automation, analytics and assurance. Orchestration and service management houses the service catalogue, policy definition and toolsets. These three platforms are cloud enabled for centralised management and flexible operation, and protected with security and compliance for policy enforcement and threat mitigation. Across the stack is the Operations, Governance and Organisation for incident management, business intent, process and services. The enterprise network compute system provides the virtualisation system, so customers can virtualise services and run their own branches with network functionality, firewall and WAN optimisation and that needs to be run across the infrastructure.

Cisco has also released an advisor tool to allow customer’s to go through a methodology and understand where they are in the process. Customers may be manual today but want to get to a self-driving, automated process tomorrow – the advisor tools allow them to go through the process of taking advantage of the digital networking architecture. According to Dave West, “The greatest traction around the world is probably in Europe but the second is in the Australia and NZ market. It’s a progressive market and customers are thinking ahead – they are seeking more cognitive learning and analytics are driving a 5x to7x growth. Customers are experimenting and figuring out how to start driving automation and maintaining simplicity in the architecture. The ANZ market is a fast adopter and the uptake has been strong, in particular for security products such as Threat Grid.”…Click HERE to read full article.


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