A handle to hold on to


Editor’s Insight Interview with Simon Ractliffe, SecureWorks

secureWorks_logoManaging an information security solutions company which is technology agnostic is not just about focusing on ‘what’ is being protected. It looks into the likely threats and the capability required to detect and respond to those threats.

For one such company, SecureWorks, “it is about having an open conversation about what clients need to focus on to protect themselves from cyberattacks, Simon Ractliffe, Director and General Manager for South Asia Pacific explained. “Despite various systems deployed, we as experts still need to rationalise and figure out, from multiple sources, how to make sense of what the event or alarm may be. The difference in the client environment means you need to determine what solutions clients need. We do this effectively by partnering with our clients to co-manage their various security technologies. When you look at the number of vendors in the market there is no surprise that CIOs and CISOs are struggling and we’re steadily becoming ‘a handle for them to hold on to.”

In the last two years, SecureWorks has experienced significant growth having added a number of new clients to its portfolio.

The market is trying to address the confusion for clients and there is no single vendor who has all the answers and solutions, which is a challenge in terms of security outcomes. “We’re increasingly finding you have to provide very insightful, actionable intelligence upfront and help the client solve the problem in the first instance. Then subsequently, continue to deliver mitigation, response and deal with ramifications of real and suspected breaches. The differentiation for SecureWorks lies in client intimacy. You still need to have people engaged on the ground constantly optimising the services and products to the full benefit of the client,” Mr. Ractliffe said…Click HERE to read full interview.


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