2017 saw 17% growth in the number of fraudulent emails over 2016


The number of companies impacted by email fraud steadily grew in 2017. By Q4, 88.8% of all organisations were targeted by at least one of these attacks. This is a significant jump from the 75% of organisations targeted in Q4 of 2016.

According to Proofpoint’s new analysis of over 160 billion emails sent to more than 2,400 companies, spanning 150 countries. See below for a summary of the key findings, as well as links to the blog and full report download:

  1. There is almost no correlation between attacks and organisation size – this is particularly troubling for SME’s. This shows that from an attackers perspective, whilst larger organisations are richer targets, SME’s are more vulnerable to these advanced threats
  2. Email fraudsters are adapting: The number of identities spoofed within the average organisation hovered around 5 in 2017, but spiked to about 13 in Q4. This shows that education/security measures guarding against C-level spoofing must be working, and forcing adaptation from attackers who seek to impersonate other identities in the org-chart such as HR and accounts payable.

FULL REPORT is available here


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